Body Positivity During Swimsuit Season

Body positivity is the belief that everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, regardless of what society and popular culture consider to be the ideal size, shape, and look. The body positivity movement has various objectives, including challenging the way that society perceives the body and encouraging acceptance of all body types. There is a perception that in order to wear a swimsuit and have fun in the summer, we must workout and look perfect. After spending the previous year and a half ensconced in formless daywear, the thought seems especially scary.

Finding a fashionable swimsuit for a dip in your backyard pool or an upcoming vacation is ideal now that summer is just around the corner. Every summer, consumers scour the globe for beach-ready alternatives, but it can be hard to discover selections that fit a variety of sizes. Shopping for swimwear may make you feel insecure. It's harder than ever to find a bathing suit that fits a new size. And while we are on the topic of size inclusivity, it is important to emphasize that every body is a bikini body.

When women shop for swimwear, they don't just consider style and trendy alternatives; they also look for support, comfort, and inclusion for all body types. ALIS offers the top brand Frankies Bikinis that will suit your apparel needs for swimwear that is size inclusive and body positive and will instill confidence. Presenting some of our hot picks for swimsuits this season!

Georgia Ribbed Bottom & Top White

It's no secret that wearing white may enhance a sun-kissed complexion, and this is especially true when you're wearing a stunning white bikini. I When buying swimwears, pick hues that will bring out the color of your skin. Tan skin will look gorgeous in a white bikini! To make your natural tan even more noticeable, play with contrasts and pair it with bright colored accessories. The ideal white two-piece emphasizes your best features, flatters your figure, and isn't see-through.

A white bathing suit is a great choice for creating your beachfront ensemble. It's a classic neutral that complements just about any color you can think of in accessories. Your amazing sense of style has a great chance to stand out when you start with a timeless white bikini. Additionally, it will keep you cool in the sun and allow you to express your personal style because white swimsuits are so versatile. The Georgia Ribber Bottom and Top in white is a beautiful bikini that offers support while also making its wearer look sexy. This low cut bikini with a triangle top and tanga style bottom is made of 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex.

Eliza Top Black Terry & Enzo Terry Bottom Black

A black swimsuit is an essential wardrobe staple. It is suitable for all body types, looks great on all skin tones, and conveniently hides minor physical imperfections. A black bikini will always make you look fashionable and seductive. If you have an upcoming event at the beach, don't be afraid to go with a black swimsuit and jewelry accessories to give your look a touch of timeless elegance.

First of all, black is the color that complements every skin tone and should be a mainstay in everyone's wardrobe. It has a slimming effect in addition to being timeless and robust. The most UV protection is provided by wearing dark colors like black since they block UV rays from reaching the skin, and so it is perfect for lounging in the sun.

The high cut bikini bottom and ruched double strap top is a must have! It is created from black terry fabric that is 94% nylon and 6% spandex, and has a unique style which will surely make you stand out among the little black bathsuits.

Gabe Top And Gabe Bottom

The Gabe Top and Bottom bikini set with a Mariposa print, is a floral twist to hot beach wears. Swimsuits with floral prints are both cute and flattering. Pair the Gabe bottom, which has a knot detail on either side of the high waist fit pants, with the Gabe bikini top, which has a knot detail in the center and a halter neck. This flowery bikini, which has a light pink base, is both romantic and feminine.

Not only do floral motifs symbolize the happy Spring or Summer season, but they are also quite aesthetically beautiful. Flowers represent beauty and freshness, and introducing it in fashion can allow women to exude the same elegance. Floral bikinis won't let you down because these dainty blooms are a sureshot trend. This bikini set is made of a material containing 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex.

Maggie Top And Connor Bottom

Light blue, the quintessential summer color, is a must-have swimsuit shade. In fashion and swimwear, the light blue color scheme is becoming more and more popular. It can give off an exotic image and is understated yet elegant. The Maggie Top by Frankies Bikinis contains underwire and thin, adjustable straps, providing excellent support. It has chambray blue as its color, which is a serene and alluring shade. The cheeky-coverage Connor tie bottom is offered in the same color, chambray blue. They are both made of 80 percent nylon and 20 percent spandex.

The nylon and spandex blend material is most suited for swimwear. Nylon is effective at blocking off UV rays, and so it is frequently used in swimsuits. Spandex is popular for its flexibility and elasticity, making it perfect for swimming Additionally, Frankies Bikinis are available in three sizes, from small to large. Now available at ALIS fashion, our curated selection of swimwear from renowned global brand Frankies Bikinis.

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