Brand Focus: Beare Park

Launched with uncertain predictions at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week at the Sydney Opera House in 2021, Beare Parke is a luxury brand made, designed, and owned in Australia. The brand shares one of the most remarkable narratives and stories of origin a fashion expert can't help but love.

The Founder

As surprising as it may sound, Gabriella Pereira, the founder of Sydney label Beare Park, began her career as a financier specialising in private wealth management. She didn't have any prior career links to the fashion world.

For her, fashion was a long-time passion that she never thought would turn into a career until, all of a sudden, it did. She found the launch of her debut at Afterpay Australian Fashion week as an unknown label both 'exciting and daunting', but fortunately, the risk paid off well for her.

For someone who has never seen it before, Pereira describes the brand as a luxury staple for the modern day. Anchored in tailoring and bold, elegant silhouettes, the brand aims to offer a holistic subtle sophistication in their pieces that can be worn together or apart, always with joy.

First Collection

Barke Parke's first collection combines well-tailored everyday staples, classic evening wear, and a range of beautifully draped silk gowns and delicately ruched cocktail dresses.

This debut collection included a $4,900 statement shearling coat which was perceived by the local fashion logic as 'not the kind of clothing' that sells in Australia. However, despite the odds, most pieces in the first collection, including the five teddy coats, completely sold out, giving the brand its now powerful status in the luxury fashion market.

Design Approach

The brand presents a luxurious approach to dressing with decisive simplicity. As per the founder, the brand origin is said to have a heavy influence from her mother, whose clothes she grew up admiring. The label tries to replicate the joy the founder felt when exploring her mother's wardrobe, pieces that luxuriate in the 'art of getting dressed'.

The brand’s designs are made using the highest quality fabrics sourced from the finest mills in Italy and Japan, giving an impeccable quality that holds true for a luxury brand. Their wool garments are carefully crafted from Australian merino wool and woven silk from the Biella region of Northern Italy. This is a region renowned for producing the world's highest quality wool cloth since the 17th Century. The brand champions inclusivity with an aesthetic which transcends age and gender.

Alongside this commitment to sourcing only high-quality fabric, the brand is also equally committed to sustainability. Each garment has been meticulously designed to uphold longevity, making them a true investment piece in your wardrobe.

Latest Runway Offerings

Pereira's latest runway offering debuted in an austere space at Carriageworks' Gallery III. The show exhibited style notes referencing Pereira's reverence for 'the art of getting dressed' and 'rediscovery of decadence'. The pieces were targeted at creating looks for women who enjoy the return of nightlife post-pandemic and carefree socialising.

Some runway highlights include beautifully tailored blazers and coats made with chic heavy wool. It also featured artfully draped evening dresses made in Italian Taroni silks and structured trench coats tied elegantly at the waist.

The range of pieces in this collection were encoded in a muted, minimal colour palette, including tones like navy, camel, ivory, and oxblood. The brand's latest collection seems to have encapsulated the easy after-dark glamour Australians have long excelled at.

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