Brand Focus: How Christopher Esber Mastered The Minimalist-With-A-Twist Summer Style

The designer Christopher Esber established his namesake brand in 2010. He is quite famous for his craftsmanship and expert tailoring. Their dresses are known to be sported by Emily Ratajkowski, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Zendaya. This brand brings together elements of menswear with feminine silhouettes and soft, delicate fabrics to create contemporary garments. It harmoniously blends minimalism with stylish features to elevate the single-tone pieces into fashionable outfits. Christopher Esber suitings are widely known for their unconventional twists in rather simple dresses. 

The ruched, rolled, knotted, and corded styles with unique twists and turns make it a statement characteristic of this celebrity brand. Some of the most out-standing minimalist-with-a-twist summer dresses are:

This mint colored dress with a side split on skirt is made of a mixture of linen, viscose, and spandex. The material which is a linen blend, is suitable for summer as it is best for ventilation, breathability, comfort, liquid absorption, and it’s super great at cooling you down! It has a signature torso cut-out detailing, along with a corded pattern across it. 

The Christopher Esber dual anglaise cut out skirt in color white has a narrow silhouette. The striking  feature is the cut out which exposes the hip bone, and the extended ties. The anglaise sleeve wrap top has asymmetric cut outs, and across the neckline in addition to an adjustable elongated waist tie. They are both a blend of nylon with cotton, making it a cool fabric to wear in the warm weather. It is particularly good at repelling and water, and keeps you looking glam.

This classy casual has a ruched fabric detailing which is great to make the clothes cling to your body and liven up the silhouette. The ruched disconnect shirt dress in chocolate, has signature cut out ties exposing the naval. It has adjustable ties and invisible back zip, and is made of 100% silk. It is a breathable material which works well for all seasons. This luxurious material has moisture wicking properties that allows it to release sweat, keeping you cool and fresh. 

This Christopher Esber Co-ord set is perfect for your elegant evening. The shirt and skirt are both in a unique zinc yellow, and have long ties that wrap around the waist. This shirt has a cropped fit, while the skirt is mid calf length. The material is fully silk, making it rich and apt for the heat. 


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