Brand Focus: Joslin's Staple Use of Cottons And Linens

Joslin is an independent, premium fashion label based in Australia, by the famous designer Elinor McInnes which focuses on redefining fashion through a conscious, considerate and natural approach. Their staple use of cotton and linen is in line with their philosophy that centers on sustainable practices to curate timeless collections with natural fabrications and traditional techniques. They craft minimalist outfits, with feminine detailing and romantic aesthetic, to elevate its elegance. It speaks comfort and refinement.

Linen and cotton are one of the most sustainable fabrics popular among ethical labels like Joslin. Their versatility, and long lasting nature renders it a fine quality material. Made from natural fibers, they exude a minimalist and classy air, making its wearer look sophisticated. While they are both eco-friendly materials, there are unique elements of each, which sets them apart. 

Cotton is a staple fiber, obtained from the cotton plant, and is composed of varying lengths of materials. The fluffy cotton fibers are encased in the boll, a part of the cotton plant, which is then extracted, spun and woven to create soft and fluffy material. Linen, on the other hand, is an extremely strong but lightweight fabric made out of the flax plant. It is a natural fiber that takes longer to convert into fabric as it can be difficult to weave. So they are stored for a long time to soften the fiber after its extraction. 

Although both cotton and linen possess the following properties, one outperforms the other. Cotton has more stretch and flexibility than linen, but it is less durable in comparison. The cellulose fibers in linen yarn are slightly longer and wrapped tighter than in cotton yarn, conferring it strength and longevity. However cotton is more softer to the touch than linen because flax fibers are rougher than cotton fiber. They both wrinkle easily but also look crisp and fresh if maintained well. They are hypoallergenic, and have great absorbency. They both have water-wicking qualities, meaning it draws water or sweat off the skin and dries quickly keeping you cool in summers. They are breathable, allow air circulation and act as an insulator during winters. 

Let us look at some of Joslin’s finest collections which embody the ‘simple sophistication’ that is trademark to their brand.

JOSLIN Elizabeth Linen Ramie Mini Dress 

This beautiful dress in cinnamon white with V-neckline drop and mock button up tab resembles the resplendent style of victorian period, with a modish choice of length. It has a fitted waist bodice-yoke, double ruffled hemline and is lined from the under-bust to the hemline. This graceful dress is made of 100% linen. 

JOSLIN The Juliet Linen Ramie Maxi Dress

The Juliet Linen Ramie Maxi Dress, in white, imparts poise to its wearer. With a deep neckline drop and open back design, it has a dignified elegance, which is accentuated by the ruffle detail along the edges. It is fully lined, and is made of their staple fabric, linen. 

JOSLIN Jocelyn Linen Ramie Smock Dress

This black dress can be perfect for a brunch or evening out. It has an oversized smock style with crochet frill trims and ruffled hem. Made of pure linen, it can be maintained with gentle washes. It is a casual looking dress that can double as a chic outfit if worn with a nice pair of heels and jewels. 

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