Brunch Or Beach? Outfit Ideas That Can Work For Both

Summer is an ideal time to host brunches or spend your day at the beach. Dining by the beachside is perfect if you’re out with your friends or family, and would love to take a swim if you’re in the mood. Styling for summer brunches and beach can be tricky because you need an outfit that fits both the beach and the brunch. Beach outfits are typically  straightforward as a swimsuit and sandals, but you can also show off your fashionable side with an on-trend ensemble. Brunch outfits tend to be casual and chic. Most women prefer comfortable outfits that also express their personal flair or stylish aesthetic. There are rarely any hard and fast rules about what to wear for brunch. 

For summers, light dresses and loosely structured pieces are most suitable. During the warmer months, fashion is also about keeping yourself cool while also staying fashionable. Keeping our outfits light and breathable, with picks of shorts, dresses, and skirts made of cotton and polyester are ideal. Light fabrics like chiffon and linen, and pretty flowing dresses all help you stay fresh during hot summer days. It is also the perfect occasion to experiment with your look! Going for bolder options like vibrant colors, striking patterns and prints, paired with edgy accessories will make a fashion statement with much ease. Let us look at some brunch and beach ensembles to rock summer fashion.


Tie Front Blouse & Shorts Co-ords

Tie front blouse and shorts co-ords are in vogue. Pull off a summer chic style with these statement pieces. Tops with an open front and long tie are also very convenient if you’re wearing a bikini underneath, and want to take a quick dip before you wind up your evening. Choose lightweight fabric with light and exotic tones.


Shirt dress Or Oversized Shirts

Shirt dresses make perfect brunch attire. Being a single piece, they are also perfect for the beach as you can pull it off to reveal your stunning bathing suits. They are casual, relaxing and supremely stylish. 


Crochet Dresses

Summer and crochet dresses are practically synonymous! They are the perfect choice for a brunch and beach outing. Crochet dresses belong to the 70s but have made a comeback, to our luck, because nothing is a more perfect summer piece than crochet dresses which can be worn over your swimsuit. 


Oversized pants

This may not be an outfit in itself but pair it with your corset swimsuits to get a fabulous look effortlessly. Oversized pants or wide-leg pants is a beach outfit staple, one which can transform your beach look into a dashing brunch outfit. Whether you are wearing a one-piece, or two-piece swimsuit, slipping on a high waisted pants overtop completes the look. 


Halter Neck Mini Dresses

Mini dresses are a wardrobe essential, which is always a great sassy choice for the summers. Loose-fitting clothing is your best bet for staying cool in the summer, and nothing does it better than mini dresses. Halter necklines are great for showcasing shoulders and drawing the eye upward, creating a balancing effect. If it has an open back, even better! 

These are sure-shot outfit ideas that can make you look on-fleek, to get you ready for brunch and beach. Shopping for these clothes which can double as your brunch and beach attire is a breeze with ALIS Fashion. We bring you an enhanced shopping experience, with our fast delivery and quality service!

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