Outfit Ideas To Keep You Cool In The Dubai Heat

A true fashionista knows that comfort is indispensable to style. It is important to dress according to occasions and seasons, choosing materials that are compatible with the weather conditions. Different seasons call for different kinds of clothes, to ensure we remain comfortable no matter what the climate conditions may be. Picking your outfits in summer can be tricky because you must strike the perfect balance between comfort and appeal. There are various elements that help in avoiding the heat; sleeveless blouses, light colored and loose clothes to breathable fabrics are effective against the warm climate. Here are some clothing ideas to look chic this summer.

  • Juliet Linen Ramie Maxi Dress

The Juliet Linen Ramie Maxi Dress by Joslin, is made of linen, making it the perfect dress for summer. It makes you look serene and pleasing. Linen is breathable, does not cling to your skin, dries quicker than cotton, and appears crisp and fresh even in hot weather. It also absorbs moisture, and alleviates the effect of heat. The full white attire keeps your body cool because white clothes reflect the sun’s heat, absorbing very little of the sun’s heat. This pretty dress is fully lined, has a deep neckline drop, and an open back design with a ruffled detail along the edges. 

  • Stori Silk Tulle Top & Eden Pants

The Stori Silk Tulle Top by Auteur is available in two beautiful shades of cream and mint, which can be paired with Auteur’s Eden Pants  in cream and orange. The latter is full length, with elasticated waistband and a side tie detail. It has a relaxed fit so it doesn’t cling to your skin, and is made of 100% silk. Both orange and cream are suitable for summer; lighter colors keep you cool while the vibrant hues liven up the summer outfit. The silk top has a high neckline, a crop style and ruched detailing. It has no sleeves, meaning no underarm sweat stains on your blouses. Silk may not be the most breathable material out there, but it is the lightest fabric, and tends to adjust to your body temperature. Its weightlessness makes it a popular fabric to wear in the summer. 

  • Angelica Linen Top & Gracie Linen Short Co-ord Set

Escaping the heat is best done with shorts which are both functional and fashionable. Paired with a pretty short sleeved or sleeveless top, it’s the ideal casual yet cute outfit. The Joslin Gracie Linen Short has elasticised waistband with spaghetti tie trim. It has side pockets and frills at the hem. The Joslin Angelica Linen Top has an open back with spaghetti tie fastening, lace detail at center front and hem, along with ruffles on back shoulder and hem. This co-ord set is in full white, and made of pure linen, the ultimate fabric for steamy days. Linen is made out of flax plant, and so has more structure unlike flimsy fabrics which lose their shape. This cozy ensemble will make you delightful to the eyes!

  • Rubina Dress

The Rubina dress by Savannah Morrow is made of Pima cotton knit which is a superior quality cotton, with longer fibers. It is known for being soft to the touch, ultra durable, and best for hot weather.  Breathable, lightweight and comfortable, knitted dresses made of pima cotton make the perfect summer piece. This modern dress, in color ‘cafe’, has a braided back detail, and slim fit. It is sheer, and can be worn as beach wear with a bold two piece or one piece swimsuit inside. 

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